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By Dustin Coressel

In 2019 the possibilities of starting your own business are more ripe for the picking than at any other time in history. The technology of could based servers, 24/7 connectivity, and the power of social media marketing have created a melting pot of possibilities and new ways of living. If you haven’t thought about what you can do for a business, or had the real thought to be your own boss, you should. 
Getting started and navigating the path to becoming an entrepreneur is as easy as doing what you love. When you decide that you want to go into business for yourself, it its important to sit down and write a plan. Having directions will help you to stay on task, strategize, and create realistic goals for yourself and your company. Being proactive in the growth of your dream is the way to succeed. I am not here to give you personal coaching, but rather, what Eclpst is.
I have worked for several companies in many different capacities over my tenure in the 9-5s. I always seem to come back to sales, marketing and my passion for helping others to succeed. I have always been encouraged and told that I should be working for myself, that doing my own thing is the road to happiness. I have found that for me it is. Not everyone wants to go out on their own, it is scary and full of risks. There are many failures along the way, those are the only way that I learn though. They have brought me my successes through some excruciatingly tough failures and lessons. Success, wisdom, and experience do not come without hardship, loss, and some life beatings.
Eclpst is not an original thought, I am sure there are plenty of like minded companies out there, but it is more of an ambitious action. The thought of becoming Eclpst is that my partner and I love what we do, have a wide variety of skills and plenty of ambition. I love small businesses, I love seeing people succeed, I love adding my story to theirs in a supportive fashion. That is what we do. We support and nurture your idea, so that you can succeed. We share our wisdom and experience of being where everyone once started out, from humble beginnings and lots of hunger and ambition. 

We bring to the table an extremely affordable set of service designed to help you get a leg up out of the gate, in essence to take your competition and eclipse them. Pooling our resources and networks we want to help the business man, the blogger, the YouTube sensations, the personal trainer, the entrepreneur, the tour company, the winery, we want to build brands on ambitious dreams. Just as ambitious as ours. We offer the personal touch, the old style of a smile and a handshake before we get lost in emails. 

That is what we do. We support and nurture your idea, so that you can succeed. We share our wisdom and experience of being where everyone once started out, from humble beginnings and lots of hunger and ambition.”

Our services our robust and include domain registration, hosting packages, social media setup or management, e-commerce solutions, website building, printing, graphic design, branding, marketing campaigns, app building, photography, video production, original content generation, business consulting, basically if you dream it we want to help you do it. 
We want to bridge the gap between apps, marketing companies, developers, and anything else you need into one reliable functional powerhouse. A lot of companies get lost in the process, we want you to make one connection, we want to take your website, then move to the marketing to see how your visitors react. Fix the hold-ups then really move.

The problem for us is how do we list an all-in-one company? How do we say, “Hey, this is what we do, we have streamlined starting a business, let us help you.” Well, this is how we are trying to get the message out there.

Don't Let Dreams Be

What do you dare to achieve? In our current times, being a business owner can be a reality, but where to start?


When it comes to getting started in business for yourself, it takes time to pull together all the resources that you need to succeed. Capital, resources, materials, website, marketing, lead generation, and all the paperwork and receipts that come with all of it. The aim and hope of Eclpst is to bring together the design, digital and print aspects of running a company. 
One of the biggest issues currently is that there is so much technology out there, you may be asking yourself “Where do I begin?” 
One of the first things, and sometimes most importantly, everything is in a name. What name best describes your business, in a short and descriptive manner? What captures attention, makes a statement, and is the most effective at putting it out there. Take time, write down your ten absolute best ideas, throw them out and write down ten more. That’s where you will begin to get somewhere. 
When the name is in place. Paperwork filed. The next step is to get a logo. Proper branding will go a long way, and you should let a brand run for 2 years before contemplating rebranding. You need market recognition, and if it is in constant flux, people won’t be able to identify. Think of the primary font and secondary fonts that add to your brand as well as a color palate. You don’t want too many fonts nor do you want too many colors. Printing, and legibility are both important factors, keeping colors and fonts at a minimum will help you in the long run with printing cost and you want people to be able to read your materials. Also, there are different varieties of branding to consider, do you want a mascot, logo art, wordmark, or combinations of each? These are important factors to consider, when you are bringing in the price tag as well, think of things like, how many edits do I get, and what other materials and print come with it as well as optional designs. Usually the price will go hand in hand with the quality of the work. It may be a good decision to get a strong brand out of the gates. 
Generally after branding comes print materials needed. Business cards, rack cards, posters are all things you will want to look into starting up. Sometimes you can design these yourself to be cost effective and sometimes the work of a designer may make the difference between making money and not wasting time on the streets. If your print stands out, you stand out.  

So sign up for our services, drop us an email with questions, schedule a consultation, don’t let your dreams be just dreams, make the future want happen today.”

The website is the next piece of the puzzle that takes a good amount of time and money. There are so many services and hosting options out there, finding the right one may be negligible on paper, but the build will make or break your business. Attention to detail on the front end, functionality and operation on the backend need to blend seamlessly with each other. Making sure optimization and meta data are in place and tuned in for your audience to find you is critical. As well as all of your traffic information to ensure that you are capturing conversions and utilizing all the data your site is generating to increase the performance. 
In our current market for website hosting, design, and deployment, several of these services are all separated. This can cause a lot of problems as your build is handed off from one company or freelancer to the next. Not all code translates from one person to the next, and if you are utilizing a cms like WordPress or Wix, things can and will be broken and a site will lose its functionality as one person vision or passion to make a mark is forced into the build of another. As a business owner it becomes a stressful period as money is being spent, and results are not being seen. This also is a similar pattern when the time to market the business and build campaigns to drive traffic come into play. These factors can make or break what your website can do, and is intended to do. The trend in our time is now to be seen on the web first before seeing a brick and mortar. So the website is the initial storefront and face of your company, and being able to modify and navigate the ever present roadblocks that come up is critical in the early phases of launching. 
Having an idea and getting started is pretty easy. When it comes time to spending money and get in front of the audience your hoping to get in front of is where the problems lie. Our idea is to bring together 20 years of experience and make the connection of all these companies in one ambitious and detail oriented company. We understand the importance of how all of these details can affect your beginning years, and can make or break your business fairly quickly no matter how bad you want it to succeed. Our idea is to revolutionize the game by bringing you all that you need in one simple outlet. Personable and forward thinking business minded services to help you become your absolute best right out of development. 
From initial brand ideas to a campaigned product, we help you in those vital early initial stages. We get input directly for and with you to generate a memorable and long term brand. We provide domain registration, hosting, and website building with your choice of cms, or a fully deployed and managed site with your inputs as changes are needed. Most importantly we deploy your site in a flexible manner to really see where users are visiting and clicking to decongest your site to have maximum conversions. Then when all the pieces of the puzzle are in place, we campaign and market to put to work a lighting fast, responsive storefront working as it should for success. 
These aren’t all of our services, we have an audacious and ambitious goal to make a company that will be a one stop shop for companies to go to for anything they need in various departments and stages of their business. We are the little guys providing one on one help and support and ideas to make your dreams a reality. We want to take your dreams and make them our dreams as well. So when you succeed, we succeed. So sign up for our services, drop us an email with questions, schedule a consultation, don’t let your dreams be just dreams, make the future want happen today.